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Tin Cans

GLOBE Manufacturing have been involved in the manufacture of 2 piece can tooling since the beginning of the industry in the early 1970’s. We have year upon year built a reputation for quality and reliability through the supply of tooling for (tin) can manufacturing. Today we export to more than 20 countries worldwide. With our commitment to quality and the development of new technology we will continue to provide the tools for success.

Can Tooling

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Exceptional Quality

Over 50 years of experience

Design and technical backup

Over 50 years of experience

Advanced Machines

High end quality inspection

Experts in carbide grinding

Choose one of our service packages!

Our service packages are specifically designed for your business model. When ether you are looking for finishing your castings or a complete outsourcing of your manufacturing process, we have the package that suits your needs. 

Craft Beer



The cost of new tooling can be high, that's why we offer regrinding of existing tooling. As a carbide grinding specialist, we can regrind and refurbish your tools for a fraction of the cost of new tools. Regrinding is a cost-effective and environmentally way to extend the service life of your tools.


Centreless Grinding

Centreless grinding uses two grinding wheels to remove material from a piece. It is a high precision and efficient choice for achieving high tolerances and a smooth finish. GLOBE Manufacturing is specialised in ultra-precision grinding to give you the desired result.


Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grinding, also called surface grinding or flatness tolerance grinding, is a precision grinding service used in industries where high tolerances are essential. We can turn and mill any other material in the industry such as copper, aluminium, brass and steel tooling and manufacture these parts also

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