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Industrial Drill

We provide special castings and machined parts from bar materials, among others. Our subcontract machining company has vast experience in machining different types of materials, from soft machining to turning and milling hardened materials. Additionally, we have a welding department that allows us to cover even more areas of metal fabrication. Our well-equipped inspection department is capable of testing and measuring complex engineering products, and we can even re-design them if necessary with the help of our highly trained and experienced designing team.


Industrial Machinery



Exceptional Quality

High-precision machining

Thorough inspection department

International orientated

Wide variety of (CNC) machinery

First-Rate Materials

Licensed Professionals

Choose one of our service packages!

Our service packages are specifically designed for your business model. When ether you are looking for subcontact machining services or a complete outsourcing of your manufacturing process, we have the package that suits your needs. 

Molten Metal in Foundry


CNC Casting finishing

Ideal for foundries. We have everything needed to produce the best custom-made CNC machined castings and parts. This service usually consists of CNC machining, grinding, turning, drilling and/or milling.


Subcontract manufacturer

Our staff are experienced to cope with all areas of world trade: starting with sourcing of raw materials, through all manufacturing processes to assembly, finish testing, serial numbering, painting and packing in the customers own packaging.


Subcontract machining

We have a range of modern machines to cover your engineering needs with the best quality. Our subcontracting machining service offers industry-leading service for a competitive rate.


Custom service package

Our staff are experienced in responding to the diverse needs of our customers. Contact us for a composed service package based on your specific wishes and requirements.

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